08 October 2010

Before I started my "official" search for enlightenment in 1968, I had already read Ramana, Yogananda, and tons of Zen books for years. Bassui was an 12th Century Zen master whose koan was, "Who am I?" I had practiced that meditation and collected a bachelor's degree in philosophy. I was clueless. I did not know what enlightenment was, who I was, where I was going--nothing.

One question sustained me: What was the ultimate truth? I knew it was not found in philosophy, which could only talk about it. I thought it would be found in some sort of profound experience, but what that was escaped me, and none of the books revealed what that awakening experience was. What they mentioned is what the newly enlightened monk said or did; there was nothing about the experience itself, and the only way pointed to getting there was self-inquiry. That question was characterized by "Who or what am I?" in its thousand forms.

Subsequently I had two major awakening experiences and hundreds, maybe thousands of small ones. No matter. No matter at all!

So, do you wonder what I supposedly have and you don't? Do you want validation of your own experiences? Do you want me to tell you whether you have experienced Turiya or not? No matter. It does not matter because Turiya is always part of your experience as are all other levels and strata of consciousness. They are always there in the One consciousness. Exploration differentiates and explores those levels. Again, no matter. Just more experiences and knowledge.

The experiences are important because they keep you involved. No experiences and you think you are wasting your time.  But what do those experiences mean---if anything? (And they mean very little.)

There are many kinds of samadhis where you obtain unity with some layer or another of conscious experiences. Is Samadhi important? Yes and no.

But the most important experience is not an experience, but the recognition that all states, samadhis, waking, dreaming, sleep, understandings, emotions, attachments, ideas, possessions, etc., come and go TO YOU. YOU are the central point of this existence. All happens to you. Without you as an observer, nothing would exist.

But who are you? Isn't that the rub? How do you find out that ultimate level in you? By reading books? By listening to Mooji or reading Ramana? Of course not. They can only point the way, and that way is to look within and claim your own identity as that which is beyond the world. It cannot be conceived of, described or passed on to another. One sees it only by him or herself, either through trust in the method of self inquiry, or trust in the guru.

Look how lightning quick Rajiv's liberation came. He trusted in his guru, did not argue, did not compare teachings of Ramana to Nisargadatta, or ask about Langford's method. He only listened to his guru. He gently asked for guidance, but it did not come through me. The guidance only appeared to come through this individual he called Edji, but, in fact, had nothing to do with Edji, nor Robert, nor Ramana. Where the power to lift illusion comes from, I don't know. It comes when it wants to.

I really have nothing to say as to what is posted on this site. It comes to me and acts through me, and does a far better job than I ever could. For months now it has been acting and talking about animals and compassion, because that is what has been presented to me as a body mind day by day in Los Angles.

If you guys were here, I'd be hearing your stories and wants, and the blog would reflect that. 


  1. Namaskar,

    Much appreciatation to you for this, tears are flowing, why who knows and who cares, but thank you.


  2. I am forever grateful to even read your words. There are no more teachings simpler than letting go and to surrender.

    You are the knower of everything so my stories and my wants do not matter.

    I am simply speechless ……
    Thank you,
    Umah Shankar

  3. Thanks Edji, an important message. Blessings.


  4. Dearest Edji,

    There is so much love that your being emanates -- it bursts from within the lines of your posts. It is indescribable what your humility does to the heart - the melting that is felt, the opening that is created. What is there more to be said ...


  5. Liberation in the way Rajiv attained it naturally requires an inner, unshakeable conviction that there's nothing standing in the way of his being able to achieve it and that success with it is just a matter of time. Therefore, the illusion that we somehow are incapable of this(which also translates as not having this kind of inner conviction) might well be the most insurmountable illusion of all blocking our way.

    Nisargadatta said as much when he said sincerity along with an earnest commitment were necessary prerequisites to attaining the awakening.


  6. For whatever it is that brings me here, I am thankful. My respect and gratitude for your presence is beyond words.

    Thank you,

  7. Dearest Edji,

    In the discovery of the Self I am forever grateful for your potent, generous words. They continue to reveberate when I got caught up in my experiences. This is amazing Grace which you so graciously share.

    Always thankful for You,