26 August 2018


Shakti is so fickle and strange in her ways.  She loves love.  Whenever you feel love, she is there both watching but also sucking that energy up.  Whoever you love, Shakti runs to that person also and that person can feel her presence and the love that you feel.

I experience her not so much as mysterious, but as playful and as a trickster, creating an ever-changing reality right in front of you and her trying to convince you that it, and its stories are real.

Humans best appreciate Shakti through endless tales of mastery of the occult and mystery in the most poetic ways. And music.  She dances in all forms of music, and in each form, a different dance.

She is always, always trying to show you that the story she gives you is not real.  She wants you to see her behind her story.  She wants you to know her directly, both her power and her delicate love.  She wants you as her lover, and will show you one miracle after another to keep you entranced, like Scheherazad entranced the Sultan for 1001 nights with tales of magic and love, chaos and order.

I always feel her around me like a very attentive handmaiden trying to please me, showering me with attention, even while she gently guides me to my next project or student, and I eagerly run to where she wants me.

O my Shakti, come to me, come to me!  I love you so deeply an completely, let me do your bidding love of my life.

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