05 August 2018


Shakti is a concept regarding divine energies alternately called Chi, Ki, prana, life force, or energies. Here I speak of my experience in the here and now of the different forms and expressions of Shakti as I know it, including the power it has to ‘enrapture’ and capture a person, over- riding the illusion of free will. There is a long question and answer session from participants. Most people who view this video will feel Shakti strongly in any number of different ways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAg5He34v60&feature=youtu.be


With regard to your talk edji, I feel in my self, apart from the light shouting out, very content and warm in my heart to stomach, filled with love, just love for no reason. I want to cry out like a baby,  with love moving into my throat, and my body pulsing with my breath, feeling energy in my face and head like a tingling, which i can move and expand and move out ards or inwards 🧡

:I was at the satsang yesterday. I wanted to both thank you and ask whether you would be making that satsang available online? That's the most shakti I've felt from anyone since my first teacher a decade ago, who was also a student of Muktananda's. I am still stunned at how much is able to be transmitted over a computer connection.
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