26 August 2018


Is Shakti similar to a Sidi? Why are you into Shakti now and not into it a long time ago?

It seems everyone s beliefs change as life goes on. Im getting frustrated and dizzy with which is the right path to go down.

I do feel Shakti or energy run through me sometime s and yet depression still has a hold on my mood. So why should I bother with Shakti?


There are (at least) two paths: the one taken to realize and then transcend beingness into the witness or the Unborn, and the one taken to realize the manifest self, of body, energies, bliss, God and the world.

Full enlightenment requires having walked both paths.

But are times are harsh. The path to the absolute takes one away from the world and solving one's daily problems, and can be very dry. The path of Shakti is far more pleasurable and much, much quicker to get results.

You choose which you want to walk first. But don't try to walk both simultaneously, as that would be too confusing experientially, and deadly slow.

Realize this is just a story. I have over simplified everything for the sake of clarity to give you guidance about your choices. You will never find truth in words, only an apparent clarity which is not real. The real cannot be grasped, no word touches it, no path grasps it. So you have to feel your way rather than understanding or seeing your way.

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