02 August 2018

Let Us Study and Practice Together

As you know, many of our Satsangees experience multiple or continuous orgasms induced through our Satsangs and conversations.  No physical touching by either party is usually necessary.

Please take a look at the below video of a Tantric master inducing continuous orgasms in a woman, and a female Tantric practitioner, inducing the same in a man.

I see these as very healing and spiritual as they overcome sexual trauma and blockages from past experiences and traumas. In addition, they lead to the experience of sexuality totally separated from genital physical stimulation, and sexuality pulling you to God realization through transformation. Once the orgasm and orgasmic energy is separated from a physical sex act, you enter a whole new world of experiencing intense Subtle Body energies, a new sense of presence as spirit instead of body, and continuous states of bliss.

These energies can be used for healing too, and I have worked in the past with Deeya healing people, animals, and changing external world events through energies, intent, and resonation.
I want our Sangha to go down this path of healing and utilizing sexual and other Shakti energies for spiritual advancement.  We will do this together.

For healing, as a starter, I recommend reading “Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal” by Richard Gordon.

I can teach you how arouse the sexual energy and connect it directly to your heart and then to the brain to flood your body with bliss.  I want those who can to join me in this mission to transform a larger segment of people and turning them to life affirmation and explosive energies and self-acceptance.

This is such a different path than Robert Adams taught me, and I believe the next step.

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