01 August 2018


I am sorry for disappointing many SatsangeEs for not holding a session today. 

The last three weeks have been vey busy here in Arizona as I deal with my Mom’s house and my own.  Today was atypically busy, but is the result of accumulating activities not completed.

For example, this AM I took 43 lbs of clothes to be fluff and fold laundered to a place 5 miles from home, and also picked up 40 lbs of washed clothes taken in last week.

Then I went to the bank to get a bank check for rent, which I hand delivered to the property manager 3 miles away.  Then I did a bit of needed grocery shopping including cat food.

When I got home I totally scooped out three litter boxes of the five we have that had not been cleaned in two weeks.

Lastly, we had a severe thunderstorm Monday which caused a rip in our patio screening which need to be patched so our cats could go out there safely.  That required going to a hardware store and getting screen patching material, and after getting home, I patched the screen.

Being an old fart unused to exercise, this was way past my normal limits of movement.  I conked out from further physical effort at 4, and am in recovery now.

Again, sorry!

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