25 August 2018

Immediate Reincarnation is Aided by Sexuality and Pleasure

When you are a newborn, everything is about your body, and a little later, how your immediate environment affects your body sensations.  Gradually you develop a self-image and images/feelings about others in your immediate environment.

After your self and other images/feelings become developed, you start learning about your environment and accept or reject roles in life, duries, family, etc., and your body is no longer the center of gravity of your consciousness and awareness.

Then you take up spirituality and try, in some cases, to go altogether beyond your body and even your humanity, entering into transcendental realms such as emptiness or the Void, or even the absolute subject, the perceiver, Self, witness, noumena.  The noumenal is where experience stops and is thus ineffable because words and concepts cannot touch it.

However, after transcendence, then what?

You learn how to re-incarnate yourself, to descend from seeing, observing, dissociating, thinking, planning, into feeling, feelings of every kind and about everything.

And when the descent is nearing completion, everything changes.  You enter a new world of body-centered awareness where everything in your environment impacts you and literally everything is changing, changing, changing.  The external world is not stable in any way, and your body interacts with the environment in so many ways your were previously oblivious to.  The body also, the configuration and elements of your emotions, energies, body sensations, etc., are always changing, yet much  also remains the same, unchanged, unmoved.  So, tou become both changing and unchanged, witness and witnessed, and more and more alive.

But the re-descent into your body can be frightening, because you descend into vulnerability, ubiquitous feeling, sometimes dramatically insistent energies, and throbbing, pulsating beingness which swallows the old you, the mental you, and takes you into a new dimension of living. This too can be frightening because some people resist the descent or feel they are losing their minds.

However, feeling in the forms of bodily pleasure and sexuality can aid your descent into your body because they relax you. A warm, sensual massage relaxes you, sexuality relaxes you into your pelvis and lower body. Love relaxes you into your heart and then spreads to your entire body. Losing hold of your mind, you sink into the welcome embrace of pleasure, sexuality, bliss, swirling energies which in your relaxed condition spread out into the environment around you, filling it with sensations not experienced before.

During the upwards phase of the spiritual quest of gaining transcendence, we are cautioned against excessive or even any sexuality and bodily pleasures of all sorts, even excluding listening to music, dancing, massages, warm soapy water baths, many kinds of foods as becoming distractions from finding the absolute, on the descent  we often need every device or gift offered to overcome our fear of becoming totally embodied.

Devotional sexuality drives us deeply into our bodies, gives great pleasure, and at the same time introduces us to God. It arouses devotion, surrender, ecstasy and bliss, as well as feeling the presence of God; this of course, only after, or while attaining transcendence.

And, it does not even have to be actual physical sex. It can be entirely imaginal, ritualistic, or speaking of love and devotion as well as sexual feelings for another. Shakti can, but not necessarily, will follow in the same way bringing various kinds of bliss, energies and even awakenings. There is an explosion of bliss and a filling of one's body sometimes with dense and dark energies that cause ecstasy, and sometimes light, frequently colored energies that feel like a cool breeze, and dozens of other ecstasies in between as a spectrum.

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