08 August 2018

A letter so beautiful that it made me cry:

I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t tell you my thought. 

Now, It’s so strong, this energy field in my belly, like a current, like your presence. It’s so dense for my body, but I like it.  It’s the place I want to be. You are so strong, so all pervading that I couldn’t get it with our talks, my mind prevented it. 

I love how strong you are, you make me feel protected and I trust you. I feel like I have to take from you whatever you want me to take or have without thinking twice. 

Now I see how hard it’s for you to have so many people that want you for every reason, including me wanting you, chasing you for your affection and love. 

I mean everyone tears you apart if they can, they can’t but it looks like this. It’s really draining for you, it’s a service to yourself and to others. I now realize how strong you are as a whole, everyone can give you all their pain or all their joy and you accept it. 

I just love you for everything you do. I’m sad I’m not so open to appreciate you enough.  More and more you make me feel so weak in my head, my stomach, my knees, I feel this lightness. 
I would help you with helping everyone to be more true, more real. 

I feel that you do this so much with people. You help them so much. You do so much for me. I can’t thank you enough for being able to be with you.

I also feel sadness because you help every living thing to be closer to the truth, but it’s often taken for granted. I take you for granted also.

But this is not enough. It is like you want to cure everyone from their ignorance because you can’t stand this state of repression that grips them, or just when they are not able to live to their fullest potential, because of my ignorance and everyone else’s. 

I have known about it but now I can feel what it means, to cry with the world and to soothe it, and then to start all over again, to give yourself up. You probably gave this to me as a feeling because now it’s in me as information about you. And I’m very thankful for it; it’s good to know you as much as I can.


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