22 December 2014



Hi  Ed,

Truth is not an experience nor any state of consciousness and defies the mechanisms of remembrance.

Truth is meaningless and choiceless. The answer is in the silent substratum. The sanctuary of Not Knowing or believing need not be prejudiced with a need to know or an experience. Tacit native innocence is the residuum of radical acceptance and places a capital "M" on the Mystery, so to speak. All the fancy spiritual nomenclature, theologies and states of consciousness are learned ignorance that become belief. Self inquiry inspects all of these bifurcated beliefs along with the believer, the biggest belief of them all.


John Troy

Hi Ed,

My own confession is that all experiences come and go. They are all insentient and transient. Our Self, as host of hosts (what Ramana referenced as I-I) remains unscathed and doesn't appear, change or disappear. All states of consciousness are bifurcations of subject/object, dreamer and dream and are inseparable. You are correct . You cannot avoid experiences. The dreamer cannot escape the dream. However,  dreamer is not the Host or primacy of existence. They both arise and collapse together. This "I-I" Host is not an experience that can be objectified, remembered, believed and experienced. 

I cannot find what is already evident as tacit intuition. It would require not acknowledging present existence and then looking for it which is silly. Existence, undifferentiated is host and primacy of existence. The searcher is part and parcel to the bifurcated state of consciousness and is incapable of love. The more it looks, the more the manifestations, until the futility is seen and the search for experience, itself, has exhausted itself. The searcher is not the primacy of existence. The primacy of existence is unspeakable and unknowable by a bifurcated mortal brain. Ramana might say it would be like trying to step on the shadow of your head. The Mystery need not be figured out. The Heart of existence, itself, is this center-less seamless sentience that knows no "other" and accepts every action and state of consciousness as perfect without modification. Heart is Synonymous with this indivisible "now".

The belief that we 
are somehow special with special spiritual knowledge and have some meaningful role in the world is utterly false. The ordinary is as beautific as any other play or state of consciousness. That includes this cosmic banter :)




Dear John,
Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate your taking time to express where you are coming from.

But I come from an entirely different place with an entirely different attitude.  I am not seeking anything; whatever comes to me comes without me seeking.  I am just completely open an accepting of whatever comes from bliss and ecstasies, to depression and grief.  But always there is an experience of Self for me felt inside which is me and not-me at the same time.

I, Ed, feel this Self within my own extended sense of energetic presence, as embodied sentience, the same sentience as possessed by all sentient beings, as the Life Force, often experienced as bliss, light, and always as an all-pervading sense of emptiness or space.  This space is alive with presence and within it lies my physical being as well as all the energies I feel within and around me.

You may call this made up through using labels, a belief system, but whatever, it is a feeling of the utter rawness of being a live human entity, vulnerable, physically limited, yet in a constant partnership of the divine, that Life Force, that Sentience that I am.

From Alexander:

One might well be satisfied with experience for a time; but one must ultimately be led to enquire into one's nature as the experiencer of phenomena. The result of fruitful enquiry into one's nature is the dissolution of the mode of "experiencer-experienced-experiencing" and the revelation of the Reality. With the extinction of division comes the extinction of the possibility of the rebirth of division; this, then, is "Mastery".

One's own Self is beyond human and beyond divine.

Reality is not experience. Experience is reality, but reality is not experience. Experience is of the nature of reality, but reality is beyond the nature of experience. Do you see the distinction?

Let us put it another way: reality is; experience seems. Semblance cannot appear without being, and must partake of being in order to seem; but being is, with or without semblance. This is what is meant by the term "Absolute": that which is of its own accord, without which nothing else could be. We are that*. This is beyond experience or the lack thereof, but underlies both experience and the lack thereof.

Fruitful enquiry will reveal this as the truth.

Alexander Storrsson

From M.F.

Localized in the body seems like the reality..however, Einstein says that 99.99% pf everything is empty space...which makes the body an illusion ..awareness seems to live as the witness to the illusion...

All current new age theorists are saying that the human person is fictitious created thru conditioning...a conglomeration of thoughts make up the identity of each so called individual..The only thing that exists is awareness or consciousness that lives us all and sees thru every personna's eyes.

The humanhood of the person as you said is not currently popular with theorists...but how do u get around einstein and MC squared stating that everything is amply empty space.


From Jan Esmann:

Prior to getting Self-realized I believed, like everybody does, that I was the body/mind or consciousness going on in the mind and heart. I believed I was master of my fate and that karma was nonsense. When I got realized I literally burst out: "But this is not me!" and pointed to my chest. Also meaning I am not Jan. Nor am I any of the past lives I witnessed in that instance when Self-realization came to me. I am nothing, have always been nothing and will never be anything but nothing. It is simply not possible otherwise. Assuming you are something is a joke. You can't be Self-realized and believe yourself to be something at the same time. It does not make sense; it is a contradiction of terms. However, after some years living in the void - it took me 20 - you may begin to see the Self in everything and everything as the Self. I see it as Shakti, but Shiva and Shakti are one.However, you can still not say you are something, rather what before was something (tables, chairs, consciousness) is also realized to be void, but now the void is bliss and Shakti.

Jan Esmann

Of the four, only Jan's viewpoint seems supported by actual experience.  The others are theorists talking very abstractly.


  1. Einstein may say anything, but what are they experiencing i have not found or maybe misread something.
    I don't know about Jan either.. he is kinda talking from experience but something is lacking, i don't know what... I cannot comment much because i am not in the same boat as you are and Jan, but when i see you , i feel you and it has this tremendous gravity and weight, but when i see Jan i cannot feel any weight or wetness or 'the Word' behind the talking. It is difficult to explain, very subjective experience.
    Anyway, it may be just as simple as having more fondness and attachment to you, but i believe it comes from that 'weight' and 'gravitational' presence feeling.
    Thank you Ed, that you are.

  2. I agree with Arvydas 100%, Edji. It is your Presence that transmits. This is the broadcast of your state and truth, and love. Love, Matthew