04 December 2014

My Friend Swami Chetanananda: Everything is Love

It is all about love.

Sw. Chetanananda says all religions and paths are models to explain human existence, and goes on to say everything is love, yoga is about love... Kundalini is the love that is alive in you.

Robert Adams says everything is Consciousness, or Everything is Self.

Some say everything is Shakti or Shiva.

I say everything is Self: light; bliss; knowledge; and I exist!

Notice Swamiji's rosy outlook for the future:  "It looks bad now, but the sun has only begun to set."


  1. The sun is only beginning to set....so what Swamiji ? Does that mean we are connected to the Earth. If New York goes up in flames what does that matter. The game may be played closer to home, as if we care Swamiji. Non of it is the truth so we won't get bogged down no matter where the Sun goes or doesn't go. Future, what is that? Edji is the only truth! steve

  2. A nice description, very nice and elegant description. Makes total sense to me and describes my daily experience. Thanks, Edji.

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