15 December 2014

Elizabeth Warren Probably is the Last Great Chance to Save America from Total Corporate/government Rule. Listen to her rail at Citigroup and the big banks that caused the 2008 ecpnomic collapse followed by Obama's embrace of Wall Street which has solidified Wall Street's power:

Obama had the once in a Century opportunity to cut off Wall Street at their knees, but decided to enhance his own post-presidency power-broker status and settled for healthcare reform, laudible yes, but saving democracy was far more important. Instead he got in bed with Wall Street and the banks. Wall Street is doing everything possible to destroy good healthcare by making it all about money as opposed to patient-centered care.

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  1. One has to understand: thinkers and thoughts of people like Sen Warren are simply " not good for business"

    The same with real good conducted studies, lets say about coffee. Some 25 years ago a study done by the fda came to the conclusion that the roasting process of coffee beans causes cancer. But since there's such a big industry behind it , what did they write in their report? They wrote " oh yes it causes cancer , but only for mice" since everything else would have been " NOT GOOD FOR BUSINESS" , see?!