24 December 2014


My sense of presence was totally radiant for 2 hours  this morning.   Almost no thinking, just filled with a living light of Self.    I've never felt this kind of sentience before except in moments.

If this is even close to how you feel all the time,  wow.

Now I'm aware of life within me...raw life. I feel a kind of birth happening in me this Christmas.

May the light of Christ  birth within my heart.

The radiance this morning was overwhelming and just natural, at once.

Something has shifted a bit...there is more trust in my own process.

I feel too non thinking right now to say more or say anything well.

Just know that I love you and thank you for helping me  return to life.    What's happening is so TRUE, whether painful or ecstatic or plain ....

I'm amazed at how simple it is.

You've been telling me that and only now do I actually FEEL it

I feel so encouraged tonight.    I'm not going to worry and analyse it to death, just feel my Self.

Big  DON'T KNOW !!!  

Goodnight, Edji

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