03 December 2014

Christmas Season Donations

I am embarking on a new adventure of moving to Arizona to start over, to have live Satsang there, and perhaps an ashram after a while.

In the meantime, I am asking you to continue to help support my work with our Sangha with weekly online Satsangs, the teaching blog, email personal support, live Skype sessions, etc., as well as my animal rescue work.

Donations have dropped off so much that I am no longer able to help other feral colony managers with financial support, food, and medications.  The donations are just not coming in. 

If they drop off any more I will finally realize that the totally free approach of free  Satsangs/website/blog/email/free downloads just does not work and will concentrate totally on developing a local Sangha in Arizona.

But I have found someone to continue taking care of the cat colonies I have been feeding and caring for after moving to Arizona and this will require money.

I have no idea why donations have dropped as much as they have during the last two years, but perhaps it is because my message is wrong for this place and time.  Who knows.

If this work is to continue, I need to know there are people I can count on to support the Sangha. Without this, there will be no ashram and no future continuance of Live Satsangs on Sunday.

I had hoped to begin writing new books to help you find your own Self realizations, but this requires time and a publisher, even if self-published.  What I really need is a media person for promoting such.

In the meantime, please donate what you can to support the Sangha.

If you want, you can mail a donation if you don't want to use Paypal below.  Send me an email to that effect.  I need your help to continue to help you....   Thanks you so much.  email: satsang(dot)online(at)gmail.com.

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