30 June 2013

Tough Times in Northridge

I should have listened to Deeya and just waited for her healing powers to help my hips  Instead I listened to the doctor, David Feingold, who made it sound like an easy operation with little risk.

But now, five days after the operation, there have been several setbacks.

First, it is almost a painful now to move that leg as 5 days ago. I have made little progress.

The leg is swollen 40% and hurts.  I can feel the new metal hip within me.

My hospital room is quite noisy for 18 hours a day and is in an old section of the hospital.  The heating system is having problems dealing with a 107 F temperature.

I am hot, sweaty, hedydrated, dizzy and constipated.

My pre-diabetes has turned into out of control diabetes with insulin.

Now they want to send me to a rehab facility for more physical therapy, but I only want to go home.

I have only had 3 visitors over the past 5 days.

Everyone implies with my poor ability to walk, it would be dangerous to go directly home


  1. Man that sounds awful. Usually hip replacements are pretty good. Maybe you just need some more time there. Hang in there!

  2. I am so sorry to hear this Edji. Your first message after surgery did sound almost too good to be true. It's a hard and traumatic operation. It will go much better for you in the long run if you get into rehab. They will systematically help you regain your strength and balance. You need a lot of knowledgeable assistance and encouragement and pain management now. Maybe Deeya's loving energies will hasten the healing of your wounds and help restore your general well-being, too. Drink water throughout the day.

    Love and peace be with you.


  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you Edji! With deep love. B

  4. Dear Ed, I'm sorry about your set-back, hoping it is very temporary.
    Many magnified blessings for you.

  5. I will walk a Pradakshina around Arunachala tomorrow night and pray for a speedy recovery.

    Much Love

  6. Edji, do you have a phone number I can reach
    you at in the hospital? I'm very sorry to hear
    about your terrible experience so far. I'd like to
    be able to talk to you.

  7. Sorry to hear that Edji, Your're in my thoughts and have my most heartfelt healing intentions sent in your direction.

  8. never listen to MDs ^^

    what you could do Ed, is to focus on the healing energies of Bruno Groening - a german masterhealer- and ask for the healing currents... at times (before they authorities forbade him to heal) he healed more than 35000 sick people a day(!)..

    check him out - you might like him.. he has a very wonderful energy..and always acted and still -on the other side- does act as a transformer of the Divine healing energies...


    wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery!