19 June 2013


Dear Edji

I have been following your blog on a daily basis from xxxxxx (In the U.K.)  longer than I can remember. 
If you were to hold a retreat this side of the pond I would like to be the first in the queue.

My spiritual practice began 21 years ago with TM.
Since then I have been collecting Gurus and teachings like some women collect shoes. No sexism intended.

From The Maharishi I went onto Yogananda, Adi Da, Amma, Nissargadatta, Ramana Maharshii, Robert Adams, David Hawkins, Adyashanti, Tony Parsons, Rupert Spira and of course your good self.

You are probably familiar with most, if not all of these.
I have just started reading your book which I got via Amazon and I'm enjoying it very much.

Lately I have been feeling and loving the I am sense and I am also loving another with a sense of constant giving with no expectation of return.

Focusing on the I am and loving it brings an immediate sense of peace and joy. I shall try to remember to practice this as much as I can.

Recently I went through a period of enormous emotional pain due to my partner of 19 years leaving me for another person.

I remembered your teaching of not running from emotional pain but instead allowing oneself to totally feel it and become it.

When I did this the pain would be immediately transformed into unbelievable bliss and ecstasy.

Anyway Edji, I just wanted to thank you for all that you do and wish you good luck for next week's surgery.

Love B.E.

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