18 June 2013

I need some technical support.

I have 5 audio recorded satsangs, and three with a web cam and the one with a Canon Camcorder in ACHD format.

The mp3 recording were done with a Sony digital voice recorder.

The last three months of Satsangs are unlike any recorded a year ago.  So much has changed.

My voice recognition program, Dragon 12.5, was trained to do psychiatric reports and does not  know how to handle satsang-style prose. With the medical reports I always dictated the punctuation, but in Satsang I don't, and Dragon is just guessing where to add them. So it produces a 2,000 word satsnag as one long paragraph with lots of periods and comas.

I have no experience with video editing, and my high power laptop that can do video, has either a memory problem or a virus.

So, I would appreciate it if someone could volunteer to transcribe a maximum of five talks, and someone else who can edit 3-4 video tapes, which would involve adding chanting tracks at appropriate places, and adding titles.

This would be much appreciated by me and many others.

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