16 June 2013

A student enjoys the ride

Hello again Ed, Hope all is well with you. Thank you much for having me focus on loving the 'I AM' as today it felt like 2 things were in my experience. I could clearly see the 'I AM' as distinct from another existence which was like a void, a huge void, that was somewhat dark, non-thinking but separate from the 'I AM'.

At the time I knew that the 'I AM' was me but it was more like a yarn ball, full of ALL my past experiences interacting with each other but having absolutely no substance. Kind of like standing on thin air.

 It seems ever since I connected with you something new and different happens within my meditations everyday and I don't try to save those experiences and relive them, I just let them come and let them go-forgetting about them.

Are you working with me at these times? I do spend many hours at it but it is all a pleasure cause I really want to practice and not read so much anymore. I am not forced into any of this, it is just happening and it is quite the enjoyable ride. 

You will have to let me know where you actually live and back in my mind plan on spending as much time as possible with you, then it will just happen.
I love ya, Ed


Dear S.

You are doing well. The Self is unfolding in you.  The emptiness is the screen of all that is manifest. It is the container of all that is manifest.  The unmanifest YOU is even beyond that, unknown and unknowable.

The I Am is a bundle of concepts and feelings, the focusing on of which  will lead you to Turiya, the root of Consciousness as manifest.  It is important to love it, otherwise the path can become very dead.

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