25 June 2013

I hope all goes well for you, Edji, and that your hip pain will soon be gone.
I felt close to you at the last satsang, vey empathetic with the issues of love and loss.  Strangely, whenever your mike was on, when you were speaking, your heartbeat was softly audible in the background!   That was interesting and sort of sweetly intimate -  to be aware of the throbbing of life we all share, and our physical vulnerability.

I have been following you for two years now, through the chaos and changes in your sangha.  Even though you don't communicate with me directly,  I have understood so much!  Especially important was and IS the effect of living without concepts.  Amazing.  Please carry on. 

I hope to be able to talk with you some day.


Me:  Beautiful!   We can skype if you want.  I'll have wifi in the hospital beginning Thursday.

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