19 June 2013

Two recent letters from students


Hello Friend,

Oh my, I don't know how to act, react or even behave after having discovered you, my Friend. Many, many, many thanks for responding .  You know I have written, sent gifts and contributions to Sri Lakshamanna Swamy and his adopted daughter Sarada for a couple of years and never received a response from them. So to hear from an Enlightened One is very exciting and quite the blessing.

My life is going to take a change that is nothing like I have ever experienced before or ever will again because of your practical down to earth approach to awakening.  I guess all the prior books seemed to be surrounded in secrecy, the methods somewhat hazy and the description of the personal feelings they had not explained. 

You are such a blessing Ed, I can barely type this as the excitement is making this body tremble.  It makes me want to practice that much more.

Many thanks to your direct response as I realize the past books have made me form concepts about awakening that I am throwing right into the trash can. This is not a secret, awakening and its process is about Love and fun and music.  My exposure to you has been just a couple of days and holy crap I have been kicked two blocks from where I was.  And yes we can say I and I don't have to call you master—you are Ed and my friend and always will be.  Actually maybe Sri Lakshamanna Swamy help direct me your way.

I Love you Ed,   S.


Dear Ed,

Recently my life has become even more busy and oriented towards the outside world.
I feel the martial arts might be a good way to work with my potential for aggression and even violence which is certainly there but which I often tend to avoid/block out and which then comes back in roundabout ways. 

The more inward-oriented meditation type spirituality will probably come back at some point, but now I feel I have become quite ordinary indeed. At least more "ordinary" than I have ever been before.

Yet I also feel protected and guided in a way I can't quite describe, like consciousness is exceptionally benevolent towards me...

You asked us to think about our reasons for coming to satsang...

Actually I don't think there is a deeper reason for me coming at this point, I don't really have expectations.

I love you and enjoy your presence.

I think there's a lot of things I can learn from you and I have made very good experiences in the past with learning about love, emotions, accepting myself and others etc.

So I just want to "hang around" as much as possible, even though the effort going inside I'm making at the moment is very limited.



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