05 June 2013

Sophia Receives SQ Fluids

Two weeks ago I reported that Itta, one of the colony managers I help, had a sick cat, Sophia.  Sophia had been a much larger cat weighing 10 lbs., but now weighed a little over six when she went the the vet.  The vet guessed kidney failure or hyperthyroidism, but Itta could not afford the $179 for blood tests.

Because Sophia was around 15, and was not eating, I guessed she was dehydrated and it was probably a kidney problem, so I treated her as if she had a kidney problem and she improved dramatically.

For the last two weeks she has received "fluids" called Lactated Ringer's Solution, SQ (under the skin), 2 X week.  We now need to go to three times.  In addition, I gave Itta prescription food for kidney failure, Science Diet K/D, cyproheptadine to increase hunger, and powedered aluminum hydroxide to reduce blood potassium levels to reduce nausea.

Sophia is doing much better now, with less anxiety, little crying compared to before, more activity, and muh improved eating and drinking.

In addition, after administering fluids, I ran healing energy through her body.  She did not want to leave my lap.  She just stayed there for 45 minutes, totally relaxed.

I promised photos and they are below.

Itta is helping hold Sophia above.

Next is a photo of Bhakti, which you can see is a highly relaxed cat.


  1. As the "mother" of a family of nine kitties ranging in age from five to seventeen, I find this absolutely wonderful! I wish I could run healing energy through their bodies when they need it. Maybe just loving them and petting them has that effect. What do you think?


  2. Ha. Lovely story and photos.