04 June 2012

Such sadness.  I discovered a new tumor on Lakshmi, emerging from under her left eye. I am pretty sure it is a metastasized tumor from her sinus or from the inflamed gums.  It was not there a few days ago, nor when I took her to the vet last week, nor when she went to her oncologist in late April. This is a sign of a very aggressive tumor.  I had two cats that died from cancers in their sinuses.  Very little can be done but palliative surgery and radiation. She appears weaker too.  I first noticed a change about 6-7 days ago. She did not want to spend as much time on my stomach, but lay more at my feet. I am waiting to hear from her oncologist to set up an appointment. 

Lakshmi had been doing well.  She gained more than 10% of her weight back after the feeding tube had been put in, and all her hair grew back, thick and black.


  1. Ed...so sorry to hear about Lakshmi. The love for our beloveds goes so very deep...it does not matter what form they appear in. Love to you and that sweet one...Victoria

  2. Wish you and Lakshmi the best, Edji.

  3. Ed, I don't know what to say... very sad to hear what is happening to her.
    I can only hope it's not as bad as it sounds...

  4. Much love to you Lakshmi and Edji at this time.