10 December 2011

Saturday December 10 Satsang already available.  Just click on black box to the right and wait through the commercial, and the entire Satsang is available.

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  1. My Belov-ED,

    In this Satsang, as ususal you didn't give me anything to hold onto. What's new?

    When I woke up this morning, I felt really frustrated at you; taking, taking, taking, leaving me empty handed. I know that's what true spirituality is all about, but it's not pleasant, at least not for the mind.

    Not too many speak of Grace. Being something that I constantly am crying out for, I appreciated that you mentioned it. I appreciate even more that grace has come into my life in physical form...YOU!

    Though there are still moments when in my frustration I want to run, down deep, I know I am not going to make any progress without you. You are truly the wind in my sail...that's Grace.

    Drowning in tears, and listening to this song by Krishna Das this morning, the words cut deeper into my heart than ever.

    The song is called, "By Your Grace" and here are the words:

    Closer than breath; you are the air.
    Sweeter than life itself; you are here.
    I am a wonderer; you are my peace.
    I am a prisoner; you are release.

    I am a pilgrim; the road's so long.
    I am the singer; you are the song.
    Held in the open sky; so far above.
    I am the lover; you are the love.

    I follow your footsteps, through the flame.
    All that I ever need, is in your name.
    Carry your heart in mine, past the space.
    All that I am today is by your Grace.
    I live by your Grace

    I truly love you, respect you, appreciate you, and adore you.