05 December 2011

Satsang November 26

I don't know whether this satsang was any good.  I know I listened to too much Krishna Das chanting music prior to Satsang, and was "stoned" on its beauty.  I remember I had a difficult time remembering what I had wanted to say.  I don't even remember what I talked about. Anyway, Edji at his most useless:

It appears, as usual, this talk is about getting rid of concepts. So many spiritual concepts and traditions. Got to get rid of them all and just see the "world" as it is.

It is all so easy to say, "Get rid of concepts," and so easy to say that karma is unreal, God is unreal, the I is unreal, as examples of concepts that are empty.  There is little argument about getting rid of these concepts.  But there are other concepts that attacking or criticizing them or saying they are unreal, draws a lot of controversy.  In these talks I get into some of the controversial concepts about which everyone has a strong opinion.  These are tests as to how free you are from concepts.


  1. Krishna Das is unbelievable! I just discovered him for myself. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard:


    And this:


    I don't blame you for being blissed out... All I could do is cry.

  2. edji, i like how you blurted out towards the end of the satsang:

    the question came spontaneously from some deep, far away place.
    it may be the only question that matters.

    oh, and i went through your 'direct pointing' instructions and found no 'I'!

    i'm enlightened! this is amazing!
    it's so easy! and just before christmas! my family will be impressed! especially my asshole brother-in-law.

    my new website is:

    i'm looking for students.

  3. John, way to give the gift that keeps on giving. Way to impress them. If you are serious about students (LOL), go on facbook. They are a dime a dozen. But don't get too attached to them, they like to roam.

    I just sent in my order for enlightenment. Paid a huge shipping fee; I sure hope it gets here in time for Christmas. My family can't handle any more disappointment from me.


  4. Dear Edji: Thank-you for this wonder of enlightenment. What a beautiful persian cat! I am finding or spirit is finding in the morning that i am more aware and as the day progresses the illusion sets up this incorrect default of preset perimeters. At this point I need only to remove all stimuli and centre and then project this from the AJNA and (lately it has been the time travelling target rather than the spiral) not sure why. Other days I spin when opening, like a tumbler in a lock. You do centre this is. Merci beaucoup! are we testing perimeters? to more of this centre field of beingmost being of nothingness?

  5. I watched this...then went in to town for groceries...stopped in to our wee coffee shop for a breve to go...as I pulled into a parking spot, there on a 3' x 5' poster in the window in front of me, eyes closed, slight smile, harmonium in lap, a blissed-out Krisha Das. He's to be in Austin early next month. If I'm not living somewhere else after Dec 13, I'll love to go share Kirtan. Thank you, Chris

  6. Hardly "useless," Edji! :) LOVE your humor--I haven't laughed that hard in quite a while--THANK you!

    So glad I was led to "meet" you here today.

    Love, Cindy :)