10 December 2011

Robert's farewell letter to the Los Angeles Sangha 
in September of 1995.

You see, he recognized his body and presence was merely a tool of the Infinite.  He did not choose this move.  He did not choose to be a teacher, he just could not physically work anymore.  Mostly, he just said look into your heart of hearts.  

Notice too he appears to contradict himself.  In one place he says you are not even Consciousness, and in another, he says we are all one.  But the oneness he was talking about is the One Source, the Absolute, the Witness, or Pure Awareness.  All sentience shares that.  The outer oneness we experience upon first awakening is still an experience within Consciousness.  The true oneness cannot be experienced, but is known through repetitively dwelling in one's own heart.  It comes as a conviction, an intuition, an "apprehension."


  1. Did anybody else read this and feel like their heart was being ripped out?


  2. thank you for honoring robert edji. i know you would more if it weren't for certain restrictions we don't need to go into.

    it's amazing to realize
    you drank his essence edji. not for days, not for weeks, but for years!

  3. yes joan, it's heartbreaking.

    another heartbreaker is him saying 'freedom, freedom..' at his last satang edji was talking about.

    there's no greater test of character than someone dying so bravely.

  4. Joan, my heart was pulsating and feeling the waves of the most tender love he was expressing. Pretty amazing...

    Janet C

  5. Truly Heart-touching and timeless. Thank you very much for sharing this, Edji.

    Love, Cindy :)