18 December 2011

One's spiritual journey and sharing would be a much more welcoming, if instead of providing long quotes from dead masters, one would state their own experiences, then their conclusions, and their reasoning why they believe their experiences support their conclusions.

Instead, generally people have experiences and then search books and for teachers to understand and interpret their own experiences.

It is only after many years one finds there is no need to interpret or explain one’s experiences, especially of love or spirituality, by quoting the words of someone else alive or dead, and, in fact no need to express any opinion about the experiences as all.

Experiences came, were welcomed, then entertained, and then they left.  When one dwells in their own emptiness, operates from no-mind, from one’s own heart, no explanations are needed.  This is what Robert meant by the silence of the heart.  One directly “feels” one’s way in the world from the heart, not the head or mind, from one’s own silent heart.  But in that silence is such a mystery, such magical happenings, such a miracle!


  1. Ed, I always appreciate the simplicty and clarity of your writings. Thank you so much.