28 December 2011

Michael Hall talks about Ed Muzika's teachings:


  1. these experiences that you both had from your hard-core zen training make me want to practice hard.

    i want to be an 'infant' again. i'm way too old, way too wise.
    what happened to my freshness?

    i'm dead.

  2. I loved this guy until he started talking about Adyashanti at the end of video 4. Ha!

  3. "I loved this guy until..."

    Or maybe, I loved that this guys ideas, thoughts, and over all prospective matched mine, and then it didn't.

    How fickle what we call love is.

  4. Anonymous II states:

    "How fickle what we call love is."

    Yeah, and how conditional as well.

  5. @Anonymous 2 and 3-

    When you charge $300 for your Satsang that's a pretty good indicator you're full of it.

    There are other reasons which you may understand at some point, maybe not.

    Edji doesn't charge for his Satsangs. Why do you think that is?