07 February 2018

Satsang February 4, 2017 Seer Versus Feeler Spirituality

For the sake of understanding, spirituality can be divided into visual and tactile, seeing or feeling.

A seeing emphasis is mind and brain oriented, and can lead to deep silence, the Void, nothingness, peace, understanding. This approach is negative, passive, quietistic, and leads to classical enlightenments of Advaita and some forms of Theravadin Buddhism.  This approach is solipsistic, self-involved.

A feeling emphasis leads to owning both our bodies and the energies, pleasures, and pains that are part of life.  This approach is affirmative, positive, active, energetic, and leads to living fully as an incarnation of impersonal forces which our individuals body/minds make personal and meaningful.  This approach can be entirely solipsistic or relational.

LINK:  https://youtu.be/b-9JJQsycIA

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