21 February 2018

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where you feel you have been touched by God?  Have you ever felt like falling to your knees before the awesome presence of the divine, perhaps in seeing the Grand Canyon, or being in a temple, or listening to a Bach mass?  Is it not that moment that you keep searching for, to have it again forever.

It is that moment that I am trying to take you to, trying to tell you that you can obtain this divinity, this rest in your own divine self, this discovery of yourself through total, surrendered, worship of another, whether it be a  Buddha, Jesus guru, or a lover.

When you bow before that other, when we love more deeply than life itself, when you bow your head to the floor and worship her or him, and feel such grace at being given the opportunity to worship another, you are beginning to know yourself as the divine, because when you worship God in this way in another, you know yourself as God also, as the Life Force that lives in all things, moves all mortal beings unerringly towards the ecstasy of realizing itself in another and thereby experiencing that same Life force that is yourself, as yourself.

In total surrender to the other, in total worship of the other, and becoming totally nothing except love of the other, you are in a place to finally realize God as the other.  You fall down to your knees, then flat on your face, holding the feet of your beloved, the divine rushes into you, the bliss and grace descend into you, and you are completely fulfilled, nothing left to do except lie flat on your face touching God’s foot.  You finally arrived at what you always wanted.  You have come face-to-face with God, and thereby have been transformed yourself into the divine.

This was my realization while sitting side-by-side with my Beloved next to a golf course in Sun City Arizona.  I as a person became God by worshiping her.  I was filled with enormous power and at the same time was a complete slave to this goddess whose presence gave me a new life.

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