18 February 2018

Magic and Identity

From my viewpoint, spirituality is all about FEELING. If your method of trying to understand yourself is not based on feeling, then you are either using your mind, or witnessing the visual mode of perception, whether of inner worlds, or of the external world. Using vision, one can only understand nothingness or emptiness a.k.a. the Void. Knowing the void leads to Nirvana or escape from the world, escape from sense data, emotions, and inner energies, all of which are found through feeling.

The teachings of Robert Adams, Nisargadatta, and Ramana are more or less all based on seeing, nothingness, consciousness, and emptiness. Even this seeing method is far more powerful than what can be accomplished by the mind.

But my way after 40 years of Advaita in Zen, is the way of Bhakti, of feeling, of loving, devotion, and feeling emotions, feeling, feeling, feeling. Feel everything! Lie outside under the stars in your back looking upward into space feeling the cold ground under you, and the starry sky above. Listen to the sounds around you, of crickets and things moving on the ground. Feel the wind on your face. Then turn within and feel within for your heart. By turning within and finding your heart, you begin to develop one’s own sense of presence, becoming aware of your own energy field within you and about you.

Then you begin feeling bliss and love, you become sensitive to electromagnetic currents associated with the earth’s magnetic field as well as electricity flowing through wires. You can see in the darkest of night because somehow your vision is enhanced. You can feel energies in your fingers that go out into the world. You touch the world with your skin and your skin reacts. You can feel the flowing energies arising from your sexuality upwards into your gut, upwards further into the heart where they spin and turn, and course even further upwards into the head and brain. Then you truly understand the power of sexuality and of love, because it has totally opened your being to feeling in the world, emoting in the world, and being able to articulate your feeling-understanding. In a sense you become a witch or a warlock, sensing things that no others can see, sensing external energies and changes in the environment intuitively.

Image is from Warner Brothers King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Brilliant depiction of magic.

You will be able to look at another person’s face and know completely who and what they are, and what the slightest movement of their mouth may indicate about changes in their inner state. Become a magician. Learn to feel! It is all about feeling everything, and understanding everything directly without the mediation of the mind.

Satsang, Sunday, February 18, 11 AM, Arizona time.


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