10 February 2018

On Becoming a Person

Satsang, Sunday, February 11, 11 AM, Arizona time.

Other than Robert, the most powerful male being I ever met was Carl Rogers.  Rogers wrote the book On Becoming a Person in 1961. 

This is also what I teach, but not become a person from immaturity, but II teach those who have gone beyond the human into realms of emptiness, the void, the sense of presence and energies, to come back and be a human again.  I teach people how to love each other again as separate human beings, with separate sets of emotions, energies, and needs, yet with all of us having God live through us as Shakti, the power that knows the way which you can feel in your everyday life as the Life Force in you.

This way you have everything.  You have love for another, marriage, whether spiritual or literal, utter devotion to your other, worshiping your other, surrendering to her or him.  But you also feel Emptiness, the Void, the Life Force in you, the divine in you, and that divine is the same in everyone. You see it, you feel it, you hear it, and you can taste it in everyone.  You taste you and everyone, and you worship you and everyone.

Each week I try to sink you deeper into the Life Force and into your emotions.  I try to make you reincarnate as a bringer of love and God down-to-earth.  I teach you how to feel God in you.  I teach you how to feel love for another and for yourself, because the best way to love yourself, is to love someone else first, and recognize that love you have for other is YOUR OWN LOVE.

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