28 February 2018


I am presenting a radically new spirituality.  One without mysticism, without speaking of the divine feminine, Kali, Shakti, Shiva, void, witness, reincarnation, Karma, Vasanas, or of any prophet, guru, or alleged-incarnation of the past.  I am saying you are an incarnation of God. 

Your body is not an incarnation of God, but you are an incarnation of God, you as the life within you that senses your body and senses the world.  The same life is in all beings, and the life in these beings tends to identify solely with the body and its circumstances in the world.  As such it becomes a prisoner of circumstances of each being’s own experience.

What if I were to tell you that you are the life that you are, not the experiences that you feel.  This is your basic identity. You are the source of all experiences.  You are life itself.

Realizing that you are an incarnation of God ironically involves totally owning your body first.  For most people, their body is merely an afterthought while their mind dwells in various other identities such as family, work, reading, worshiping, watching television, and doing a hundred other tasks of every day mundane life.  We really do not know our bodies, and we have to know the body in order to realize that we are separate from the body, the knower of the body, and yet become more and more intimately aware of everything associated with the body, including one’s own energy body lying just below the surface of our bodies’ physical sensations of muscles, breathing, bowels, movement, etc.

This new awareness requires us to immerse ourselves in our emotions, to really feel them, not try to understand them, just feel without understanding. Leave the mind behind.  We need to feel into the area around our heart for that spark of life we call “I-Am.”  Feel for that I am sensation, and when you find it. dwell there.  If you can find the I am and stay in it, abide in that I am feeling, it will grow larger and larger until it fills out the body and it will be seen to contain a myriad of energy movements and energy complexes.  The energies are first felt sort of like a mild electricity at various points within the body, and later about it.  Unlike electricity, the tingling sensations of this energy cause pleasure as opposed to the pain of electricity. 

As you immerse into this energy body, one of many non-physical bodies which together are called the “Subtle Body,” energies throughout the body will grow and individuate into separate bodies, and then begin to come together into balance, causing immense pleasure that feels somewhat like an intense liquid sexuality throughout your physical body, but actually within one’s energy body. 

Gradually this energy body, as well as the associated emotional body, will grow into what you recognize as your own sense of presence, an inner body of emotions, energies, tactile sensations, separate energy centers (a.k.a. Chakras) associated with your heart, sexuality, power, and inner vision, that mark you as an individual incarnation of God.

I have used the term “life” to describe this inner complex of experiences.  But life is really one aspect of God, which I call the Life Force.  This Life Force is the guiding energy which controls all organic movement within the universe, and is experienced inside of you as the various elements of the subtle body is described above: feeling; energies; emotions; and identification with all the complexes of the Subtle Body.

You will lose your identification as the physical body as you get to know it more deeply and recognize its difference from all aspects of the Subtle Body.  Then you will feel yourself primarily as an energy/emotional/sensual being inhabiting your body, and your body is a felt object within your subtle body.  You are far more than just your body, you are far more than that thinking mind that preoccupies almost everyone to the exclusion of feeling God within themselves.

You, as the essence of God’s Life Force, which Robert Adams called “the power that knows the way,” are the center of your universe, you are the feeler, the hearer, the smeller, the taster, and the toucher within.  You are your emotions, the cascading and wonderful energies, bliss, and ecstatic states within.  You are a raging sexuality, as well as the sense of power that resides in your belly.  All of these bodies you reclaim by introspection and feeling.  You become as God by owning the God within you and you see it is entirely beyond any concept you ever had of what you were prior to the process of introspection, loving, and feeling within.

You see, at this point, there is no mysticism at all in this form of spirituality.  There is no Krishna, no Kali, no Shiva, no divine feminine, no divine masculine, no regarding women as an embodiment of the divine feminine, and the same for men as an incarnation of Shiva.  There is no karma, there is no reincarnation, there is no predestination, there is no Krishna consciousness, no Vasanas, one does not even need the concept of Chakras.  There is no need for salvation, there is no God the father, no God the son, no heaven, no hell, there is just you.

Then I say further the most rapid way to own these subtle aspects of yourself, of your Life, and incarnation of God’s Life Force, is by falling desperately in love with another, feeling, perceiving, recognizing the Life, the Life Force, the divine within them, and in so doing, be overcome with total devotion, total surrender, and total worship of them.  In that total worship of them, you surrender your identity that you have had up to that point in life, and just identify with that aspect of God in them which you feel, perceive, worship, and surrender to. 

Your inner energies have become unified, one-pointed, balanced, and have become your primary identity. Your love for God, the divine in them, will lead to your recognizing God within yourself, the divine within yourself, and then you will become God.  You will have transcended your human hood by becoming 100% identified with the essence of humanity, the life within.  And you will know God directly, intimately, every moment of the waking day as you, and will worship him/her in at least one other human being, the one you call your master, your lover, your beloved, your soulmate, for she or he has shown you your way to God into your true nature as the Manifest Self.  Now you are self-realized as the divine. 

This is not the enlightenment of Ramana or Nisargadatta, but it is the enlightenment needed for our troubled times, an enlightenment that is loving and sharing rather than becoming a distant Absolute, Witness, Unborn.

It is all so simple.  This path has much fewer terms and mysticism than found anywhere else.  The path is simplified to one of constant feeling-introspection, feeling your body, feeling the energies within, feeling emotions, feeling your sexuality totally, feeling your love for others, feeling the ecstasies within that arise from focusing attention on those subtle aspects that reside within your body.  Everything is about what you attend to, what things inside of you that you focus on.  If you focus on the energies within you will become as light and as God; if you focus on the external world you will remain trapped in a mundane life no matter how exciting or boring that life may be. You will have missed the God within you.

There are no rituals here.  There is no real reading to be done here, because you are the book that you should be reading.  But you will need help from time to time of a guide or fellow traveler to help you explore that which you cannot yet see or feel. 

There are no repetitive practices such as visualizing Chakras with symbols, no pranayama to be combined with visualization of moving energies around, all of these are artificial, and are only aids to focusing the feeling attention within.  But if you attend to the energies inside of you, the feelings inside of you, the emotions inside of you, there is absolutely no need for pranayama, imaginings symbols within, or imagining the kundalini rising than the spine.  All will be revealed naturally just by self-exploration, and by loving your beloved, your lover, your soulmate, your God, your guru. 

Such love must be filled with yearning to be together, to be as one, to integrate every aspect of your subtle body, emotions, and especially sexuality along with the energies.  Sexuality has such power to add, that its use is essential in integrating your entire Subtle Body, making it one pointed, and thus able to manifest through you consciously.  Sex is the great glue, even though the physical act of intercourse may never take place.  It is necessary to feel sexual yearning for the other in order to bring all of your powers together at one time one pointedly toward your beloved in order to discover the divinity within them, so that you can discover it in yourself.  This is the easiest way that exists to create the intense focus needed tp allow the divine to show itself to you.  You could practice meditation for 20 years and not gain the single-pointed focus needed to finish the task.

This is the revolutionary spirituality I bring to you, one with a minimum of mystical terms, which remain mystical only until you actually feel emotions, sensations, energies, and the Life Force within you.  Then they are not mystical terms at all, you know them as direct experience of yourself.  But all the other crazy mystical terms like the divine feminine, Shiva, Shakti, the Hindu pantheon, Hindu cosmology, reincarnation, predestination, karma, Vasanas are all seen as illusion, a made up artificial reality of concepts and really explain nothing; they do not touch you as God.

What I can do to assist you, is to use words to make you feel those things within yourself while you listen to me.  In a sense, even while I am feeling the life force within me it speaks through me to you.  Life’s messenger to Life’s receivers. As it speaks to you through me you will feel the Life Force within you.  While I powerfully feel the life force that within me, while we are in Satsang, or while you think of me, awareness of that Life Force will begin to take place within you out of resonance with me.  This is how the Life Force communicates itself: words, music, and resonance.

By attending to me, listening to what I say, two things will be happening: the words spoken through me to you will permeate your consciousness and focus your attention to areas within yourself that will reveal the subtle body within you; and, by having a feeling contact with me, the life force will begin to resonate within you as your own experience. 

It will feel like magic, sometimes like I am casting a spell over you that permeates every particle of your being, but it is not this entity Ed that is doing it, but it is life itself doing it through me.  You do not really need me if you can do it by yourself, but if you cannot, I am both an anchor and a beacon to your realization of yourself as divine.

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  1. Yes! Love is both what IS and the Way to experience what IS and all the concepts and compulsive thoughts are just distractions. Thanks for your guidance and understanding.