23 February 2018

Becoming as a god

I was speaking to one of my students yesterday about the great progress he had been making, about his ability to sense nuances within his energy field, locating the various chakras, and the subtle differences in the ever changing fields within, as well as his ability to be able to read emotions in himself as well as in others.  The latter ability is often lacking in spiritual teachers that focus solely on energies, as there is a difference between the energies and emotions, even though essentially they are one.  In someone who is studied emotions for a long while, the onset of awareness of energies makes them appear entirely different, yet learning the subtleties of the various energy fields is much easier because of a prior openness to nuances and emotions.

To which he resisted, stating, My feeling the energies are all due to you, you are constantly flaming me, filling me with your energies.  If not for that, I would not be feeling these energies.”

I told him the energies you feel are entirely yours.  You are empathically feeling in yourself my energy and emotional state, I am not projecting any energies into you.  Your awareness of what is in me creates a simultaneous awareness of similar states and you.  Your first aware of energies and emotions in me, which you discover in yourself, and then they become entirely yours.  After that, there is a dance between our separate energy and emotional fields, there is not simply empathy anymore, but a recognition of our separateness, and are separate energy, emotional, and physical fields, and the dance between them.

Also I said, without you I would have no energies to give.  Without you I would not have someone to love, and no energies would arise.  In a vacuum, I would have nothing.  So you make the situation for energies to arise, and subsequently they are kindled in your own heart.  The flame in my heart kindles your heart and vice versa.  We are both equally responsible for the processes occurring in the two of us, as well as in the Satsang as a whole.

I told him, most teachers are satisfied to bring their disciples into enlightenment.  Nisargadatta said he does not just enlighten is students, but he wants to make gurus.  I take this one step further, I take my students into being as gods, because I make them feel the God within themselves, and when they feel the Life Force as themselves, they gain unlimited access to energies and forces they need to learn how to control and make useful in the world.  So, all that I want for you is to know yourself as God, as an incarnation of the Life Force.  When you understand this, when you know it with your entire being this, you become fearless, and you own the earth and all around you.  This is how it feels: this whole universe is yours.  All you have to learn to do is to use it.

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