07 May 2016

Robert's Secret Teaching

Here is a secret.

Robert always talked in Satsang that Consciousness is everything and that no one exists as an individual. 
But if you look at the complete book of his transcripts, you'll see one Satsang entitled Prior to Consciousness.  Only one, although he hints at it at other times.

He told me privately that he had to be careful what he said--jokingly I hope--"people would kill me."  He felt that people were not ready to hear that they were not only did not exist as the mental stories we tell ourselves about who and what we are but we are also not the I Am, God, Consciousness.  

In fact, during that Satsang, he talked about being prior to Consciousness and was nearly yelled down by one person who yelled there can't be anything before Consciousness, because his understand was that Consciousness was everything. How can there be a prior to?

Ultimately we are absolute nothingness that does not know itself.  Consciousness is the the "telescope" by which we know ourselves, but Nothingness lies before, ontologically prior to Consciousness, and therefore we cannot know Nothingness. 

Robert usually taught just one that one level: realizing that you are not a person only; that part of you is ephemeral and dies.  But you are also the "I Am" sensation, God, Consciousness, which Hidus refer to as the godhead located in the incarnated human.  But then he often talked about also being Brahman, that which lies "above" or prior to the individuated godhead of Atman, Satchitananda, and not explaining that this is altogether apart from Consciousness, which we witness and identify with as objects within Consciousness.

Yes, you are altogether beyond the world, beyond God, but without Consciousness that witness knows nothing anymore, nt even itself.  Yet out of this Nothingness will pop a new sentient being somewhere in the manifest universe, forming a new POV by which the Absolute can witness its manifestation.

This is not so hard to believe now that cosmologists hold that the physical universe popped out of Nothingness.  Before the Big Bang there was nt ever spece.  The Big Bang creating of matter and energy created both space and time.  But Nothingness is the bed from which the universe was created.


  1. if that Witness without consciousness knows nothing anymore, not even itself, how can that be called a witness? Therefore people don't believe anything "beyond consciousness", since when consciousness goes - you go. and what is left - who cares - because that cannot be experienced anyway.
    Even if i believe what you say "you are Absolute" - unfortunately i won't be able to check this for myself in any way.
    I can check kundalini, i can check energies, i can check body, i can check 'other worlds', but i will never be able to check being nothing, i won't be there. I can try to comprehend it intuitively somehow, but only through Consciousness. Therefore even that "nothing" will be in Consciousness so to speak.

  2. Yes, it seems to make sense ... but this is still all mind stuff. And yet how can the unspeakable conveyed without words ? It's like a storm in the water glass.

  3. I once attended a Satsang given by a well known spiritual teacher. In one of the sessions after I asked him something about the train of thinking he then asked me, "Where do thoughts come from?" and I said "nothing'. And then he asked, "Where do they go?" and again I said "to nothing". That 'nothing' is us as the Absolute. It's therefore "Uncheckable".