08 April 2016

Talk, talk, talk, talk. God, spirit, insentient body, I, I-Am, me, you, non-dual, dualistic, peace, love, Satchitananda, Subtle Body, Causal Body, Shakti, bliss, Kundalini, Chakras, Advaita versus Kashmir Shaivism, Buddhism, emptiness, the Void, the Absolute, Ramana, Robert Adams, Papaji, teachings, meditation, samadhi, sahaj samadhi, Gunas, praktriti, purusha, self-realization, enlightened one, jnani, ajnani, Krishnamurti, karma, ego, mind, no mind--a bewildering array of mostly empty concepts entertaining the mind of the seeker. Can you not see that it would take a dozen years just to understand what all these concepts mean, let alone know if any were "true?"

Drop the talk, look and feel inside, and just be who you are without any understanding.

Seeking "correct" understanding is not spirituality. It is "spiritual" entertainment.

Some of that entertainment can be awesome, but most is just perplexing, arguing about which guru was right, forcing Ramana down someone's throat, referring to quotes of Nisargadatta to settle everything.

All are caught in the network of thought, or thinking about spiritual attaining.

Shut the fuck up, turn your attention towards yourself, and then become yourself.

No need to borrow all these silly ass concepts from dead gurus from ancient and dead cultures.

Be the expert on your own self, not an excellent reciter of Ramana's thousand concepts and quotes. You are lost, caught in the thought nets of a thousand dead guides.

Do yourself a favor and leave it all alone.

Turn your attention to your own self, and with vigor just be that which you find, not a Nisargadatta parrot.

Also, no matter how beautiful, soft, or welcoming Robert's words are, they are his truth, or as he put it, his confession. Make your own truth from you, not by bringing Robert;s concepts into you. What is your own confession?

What I have found for myself, is that I keep moving, expanding, contracting, knowing, not knowing, never the same from moment to moment. Even this statement is wrong.

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