05 April 2016


Marie, 2013 at old Safeway site
When I left Northridge (L.A. Suburb) and moved to Phoenix, I left care of my four feral cat colonies with 22 cats to my long-time friend and fellow colony manager, Marie Schuckles.  I have worked with Marie since 2003 helping tend to the thousands of homeless street cats in the San Fernando Valley.  Marie takes care of nearly 30 feral cat colonies in the Northridge area numbering around 150 cats.  I have made monthly contributions to Marie to provide for the cats I left behind as well as for her own, just as I did when living in Los Angeles.  Most the cats I have at home are from the streets of Northridge or Santa Monica.

Marie at old Safeway
 location 2013
But Marie, aged 69 and mostly retired, has informed me that she is ill.  Doctors discovered a large mass in her uterus, and she needs to undergo a total hysterectomy, which will put her out of operation for two to three months.  She is soliciting other caretakers to cover her (and mine) cat colonies while she is off work and recovering.  But colony managers tend to be poor, and these caretakers need money for food and medications while Marie heals to care for her 150 cats.

A dozen cats a few blocks South of Plummer,

I find it amazing that the poorest people, those who have the least materially, are the one’s wealthiest in compassion and hands-on caretaking.  They most clearly feel the lives and problems of others, both human, but especially animals.

These two are located at the first colony I managed.
These are second generation males and now in good shape.

I am asking you to help Marie and her interim caretakers by sending some funds for the next three months to:

Marie Schuckles

8860 Corbin  Ave, #276

Northridge, CA   91324  

Two cats at doughnut shop on Reseda

Parking lot $1 store, Reseda Blvd near CSUN
These were Jimmy's cats when he lived on the railroad tracks in Northridge.  Police and security harassed him, jailed him, and destroyed his camp.  Marie and I had to sneak in very late, as police were stationed there to prevent us feeding them. Eventually all were trapped and relocated to an indoor setting.
A large Furr Ball that showed up by a group of 3 feeding by wall of an apartment house building. The owner eventually discovered, harassed me, and threw the cat food away. Had to move feeding station elsewhere, but not all cats accounted for.

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