23 May 2016

A Little Bit More Information on Robert's Talks

I wanted to clear up an issue that caused some people to have problems understanding Robert.

Robert was not always consistent when speaking about our deepest identity. He was always clear that we are not our bodies nor our minds.

But when it came to Consciousness he spoke in differing ways.
He began almost every other Satsang by saying, "You do not exist," or, "You are nothing at all." He did not say that the person you think you are does not exist, or the ideas you have of who or what you are does nt exist. He said, "You do not exist,: which is far deeper and more powerful.

At other times he spoke as if you had existence, but not a human existence, stating your true self (so to speak), was Satchitananda (existence/knowledge/bliss), or Brahman (God), or consciousness (as seen from his perspective). You might say this is the Manifest aspect of your existence, what I call the Manifest Self, with its sense of self-recognition, sense of presence, knowledge of the I-Am, knowledge of one's bliss and energy body.

This is the carrot side of his teachings, getting to bliss, supreme knowledge, and peace.

The other side though, is that all of this Consciousness arises from and is observed by that which has no existence, is before or beyond existence, before the I Am, before or beyond Consciousness.
Knowledge itself is part of Consciousness. Consciousness is that which brings us sense data, which Robert would call "apparent" data, because for him, any appearance in Consciousness was unreal, just a constant flowing of forms, including our bodies and our minds.

About Consciousness itself, Robert varied. Rarely he stated who you are lay beyond or before Consciousness. At other times he said Consciousness was all that there was. These are not contradictory. Indeed, Consciousness is all that exists, all that is, but he is also quite clear when he says, "You do not exist." That is, what you are in the deepest sense is beyond existence, beyond the Manifest body and Universe.

But Robert was really wary of doubling down on the message that you were nothing, and often said you were something, such as Satchitananda or Brahman, which are experiential. Bliss is experienced. Knowledge occurs in consciousness, while nothingness is not self aware, nothingness is aware of Consciousness, and Consciousness is self-aware of itself, and that is what we identify with, bodies and minds existing in Consciousness.

And that consciousness arises spontaneously in us when we awaken in the morning, and passes away when we sleep, passing into nothingness. This allws us to gradually understand that what we are lies before or beyond Consciousness. That is, we as the Absolute, the unborn, lies deep within, and Consciousness arises within that, and blossus forth as I and the world.

As Robert says, the highest teachings are in silence, for you are before the first thought or first word arises.


  1. I believe Robert knew the truth - truth cannot be expressed with words. the most you can say "That alone exist" just for some taste and entertaining few ignorant ideas. You, your thoughts, any of your notions - do not exist. be happy that you are That.

  2. So basically when this body dies you won't be aware of anything at all?

  3. True. Nothingness is the ultimate state. The source of everything but not self aware through your old body.

  4. But it kinda loses any meaning? I mean if you are not aware without body, then what is the point of all the multifarious paths? It kinda feels true intuitively what you say, but it is quite hard to accept. What would be your take on statement that Consciousness can exist without this body? Or do you reject this?

  5. Just a pin prick, just a touch right Edji? Finding ballance at that lightest touch that I can feel this gift of life.