27 May 2016

Think of this. Every morning from Nothingness you arise as consciousness. Then you are aware you are. Then you come aware of your body in bed. Then you are aware that you are thinking. Then you are aware of the room around you and outside noises.

From Nothingness you come each day.

And at the end of the day, to Nothingness you return.

So, which are you? Nothingness or Consciousness? Certainly not the objects of consciousness, since they only come into existence only when you are consciousness.

The objects are only present when you are aware of them. You are not aware of Nothingness when there is no consciousness.

Consciousness comes and goes. Objects come and go; they are born or created, exist for a while, then disappear or disintegrate.

What is real? The world, Consciousness? Nothingness? Or is the "real" that which perceives the coming and going of consciousness?

Think on this. Watch the arising of consciousness each morning. Sit in silence with an empty mind and just watch consciousness. Do this for a while and you will begin to understand the nature of consciousness and your self.


  1. The very fact that the sense of self can disappear as I have experienced would in fact indicate that it's but another object in Consciousness, would it not?


  2. Yes, the prime object that needs to be attended to. Totally absorb into the I Am sensation.

  3. What is the I am sensation? How do I know if I am absorbed into the I am?