25 May 2016


You awaken in the morning and suddenly you are aware that you are, that you exist.  At the same time you become aware of your body lying in bed, and you hear noises in the room and from outside: birds, cars, people, airplanes.
What has happened is that consciousness has arisen and it is that consciousness that knows it exists, perceives your body and the world.  You body is a perception in you--consciousness.

All that you know is in this consciousness:  thr world, your body, your mind, and the sense I Am, I exist.  The room that you see around you is in your consciousness. Robert and Ramana would say it has no existence independently outside of your consciousness, because consciousness is all that exists.

You are the totality of Manifest consciousness. Your body, your mind, you separate sense of individuality are all objects within the totality of the manifest universe created by your consciousness.  With this you realize you are the totality of consciousness, and with this comes more and more discoveries of the nature of consciousness.

It is complete and self-contained. In it is bliss and knowledge of your existence.  Your sense of individuality is only something observed in the totality of your consciousness.  Dwell there iin consciousness as consciousness,  You are not your body and not your mind.

This is step one, the recognition that you are Brahman.

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  1. Thoughts and emotions are now coming and going quickly, there is nothing in consciousness to hold them or create them.
    However, my body sense is very strong as me, even if it's my lack of feeling embodied. My only real job right now accepting and taking care of my body. Just that focus has greatly intensified
    a physical lethargy and deadening against moving through space.
    There is little thinking or emotion about it, just huge inertia.
    All I know to do is let the inertia be, and move around when it's possible. There is great fear under there, that arises in tiny
    moments. The fear passes quickly, and appears again and again.
    But with weeks of no feeling in between. I get impatient, but
    to no use.
    Am I doing the right thing, Edji