29 May 2016

Your identity as a human, as a body/mind, is an illusion," Robert would say. "Your true identity is with the totality of the consciousness that you experience."

Your goal in the spiritual search is to stop searching, and instead, immerse in the totality of your experience of consciousness, which includes your most essential experience, that you exist and with your existence, arises the experience of the world.

Instead of believing that you are a human being limited to a body existing in a real external world of space and time, realize that all that you knw is your consciousness. All knowledge acquired from preachers, teachers, and gurus is added on to you. It is external philosophy. What you are is prior to all of that added knowledge.

Without you existing and knowing that you are, that added knowledge would have no effect. So just get back to your most basic experience of existence. Immerse in your own existence, the totality of which your experience of your own body is just a small part. You are not that object.

This is the radical conclusion Robert Adams wants you to reach. But he says do not just trust his words, find out for yourself. With an empty and silent mind, just immerse yourself in your own existence, the totality of your own experience.


  1. Your body, emotions, the surrounding room and space, sounds, touch, smells--everything perceived including thoughts and images.