26 May 2016


Dear Edji, Namaskar to you,

As the sinking into the self continues the energy movement is increasing. I get shots of bliss . It's like a gush of pure bliss runs through me and I am drowned in it. It's exactly like going in the deep waters of the ocean. This happens in the formal meditation and it happens few times. Like waves it comes. Then I pose the question of who is experiencing .

Today when I was posing the question it just happened like some one has shot me in my heart area and there is huge whole and I can see the other side..also the same thing I am sensing in the third eye too. All I feel this vast empty golden light filled space and I go its edge and it expands. There is no up or down. These are the experiences of the formal meditation.

Now during the waking state the emotions are running high. I am experiencing all types of emotions. Anger, irritation,sadness(no reason but tears are there). But the awareness is so sharp that the attention moves to the feeling of the emotion and it is vanishing like a vapour. This is happening all the time. The surrender to the energy which is doing the play is continuous . The trust that whatever is unfolding in this physical world it is happening on its own and the ego ' I ' which used to claim that I have done this or that is very minimum. Because the moment it arises the attention goes there to take care of it..

Edji I do hope that your guidance and blessings will continue ..and help me in this journey.


Ed's Reply: This is the becoming Brahma state or knowledge. It is filled with knowledge and bliss, Satchitananda. Some readers want to go beyond this immediately, but you cheat yourself if you do. You definitely want to know all about your Manifest Self, before going beyond. In fact, I don;t see how you can go beyond the bliss state until you absorb it completely.

Also, notice this person is experiencing a massive movement of upwelling emotions as part of the process of abiding in the I Am sense, and how open he it to it, and how the emotions are dissipated and absorbed into the I Am.

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  1. Is this the same process for healing psychology? (i.e. can psychology be tackled through such meditation?). For example, fear of being with others, fear of being seen, fear of socializing, afraid of mistakes; wanting for fame or name, wanting being above or below someone in a sense of deriving self-confidence and self love out of it.
    And coming back from meditative states one finds oneself not transformed or "healed" so to speak... Not fully at least.
    Any comments on that, Ed? Can God be found Through psychology? :)