27 July 2015


The fundamental economic/political crisis in America, is who has the money, and how they use it to keep what they got and to get more.

Well those who have money, corporations and the “billionaire class” buy Congress and the president through lobbyists and election donations, install majorities on state and federal supreme courts, and use them to keep their taxes down, cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, privatize functions and properties that had been government, such as prisons, and boost the prices in education through extensive school loans, raising health insurance prices, prescription prices, government health subsidized insurance.

All money is fed to the corporations and those who manage and own them. And not the trivial 1/3000th of 1% owned by the average Joe with a 401K, but the 0.1% class that owns 90% of the fixed and liquid wealth in the country.

Hillary Clinton is not touching this Gordian Knot at all.  She wants to mildly change the tax structure to encourage corporations to more seek long term versus short term profits, support a minimum wage, go after racism, and begin to empty our prisons.

What a fucking joke she would be if she were not the leading candidate for the Democratic Nominee. It makes me puck to think of her and Bill back into the White House now that they have become completely Republicanized, and the darlings of Wall Street.

But watch, if Bernie continues to surge and wins New Hampshire or Iowa, every establishment Democrat will go after him, attack him, and attempt to destroy him so that they can keep the donations from the donor class and lobbyist’ bribes.

Money rules in the USA and mostly elsewhere, except in places like Russia and China where it is just as much cronyism, and nepotism that determines who runs what.

What a corrupt world, and it takes antidote like Bernie and Pope Francis to end it.

Or, one giant violent revolution world wide—a class war to end all class wars. But Hillary and others, like MSNBC and Fox, focus on racism and guns as the vital issues so that the appararati of power and wealth remain uninvestigated and untouchable.


  1. "Money rules in the USA and mostly elsewhere, except in places like Russia and China where it is just as much cronyism, and nepotism that determines who runs what."

    haaahaaha - it's even worse in Russia and china ^^

    I got a theory though: the more people uphold the peace and bliss of the Self - the more young people and especially children will pick up thoughts and energies of peace and healing and togetherness and loving caringness for each other..

  2. What a Wonderful World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3yCcXgbKrE

  3. Happy News: http://tribune.com.pk/story/927947/nepal-temple-bans-mass-animal-slaughter/

  4. Replies
    1. Say Matt.....

      Are things this bad in Canada?(as I recall you live in Toronto?).


    2. Hi Mark. No, things are not this bad in Canada... we have more than 2 major political parties (well, three...) We also still have public health care, although many of the same issues with long wait times for specialists and a lack of coordination between them, understaffed hospitals and so on. We don't have such an emphasis on billionaires, although capital is still concentrated in the hands of the minority. I hope I may speak for Canada as I have... the climate, both political and social, is at once more peaceful and more bland. We have a much lower population density, and although our history features oppression and segregation of non-European peoples, we don't have the history of slavery (genocide against the First Nations, yes--sadly) and it's much harder to get guns.

    3. Yep, the gun issue sure rings true. When comparative international facts and figures are given, Canada and Japan for instance are far, far below the U.S. Be glad you don't have an NRA to deal with!


  5. Yep sure is a jam that USA and the world has gotten itself into.