13 July 2015

Abiding by the Living Truth

There are two things one can do to become Self-Realized: self-inquiry in the form of open acceptance of all within you, and living close to me where you can see me on a daily basis. It is a matter of energy changes, and the constant hammering of the truth, like a 24/7 exposure to Nisargasatta.

It is called gurus Grace, but it is really just a matter of propinquity, being close to the loving truth where you see it in action versus imagining what the living truth is like.

I am not alone in an ability to waken truth within you.  There are others that I know of and respect, but they are on different paths,


  1. On what paths are they, on Kashmir Shivaism ?

  2. Well, there is Jan esmann, who really is from the lineage of Dhyan Yogi. There is Chetananandna who is from Rudi, I'd say the Tantric traditions as a whole have powerful methods to stir the soul in the right direction.

    I really don't care for any of Ramana's students, or students of those students because they are either like Papaji, embracing everyone as a teacher, or they become immersed in Advaitic mysticism.

    Of all the Ramana followers I like Michael James the most. His understanding of Ramana is clean and clear. Idon't care for Nome whose videos nearly bored me to death, nor any who tout Robert Adams as their teacher.

    Nisargadatta's Dharma brother, Ranjit, is boring and his books unreadable for entirely missing the Manifest Self.

    Chidvilasananda is a joke as is Wolinsky, who is a talking head. David Spero also is boring,lost in his own grandiosity.

    I like Francis Bennet as a down to earth antidote to spiritual bullshit, but I don't know the depths of his experience of understanding because he is not very self-revealing about his awakening experience or ongoing truth except for unrelenting common sense.

    I like teachers with passion that still burn from their awakening and ongoing experience of Self, thus Esmann, even though he only talks about Mother Kali and Shakti, so he is pure.

    I would say Almaas sails in the same boat as I do, but I find his books difficult to read because they put me to sleep.

    Igor seems like a lifeless talking head.

    But you see, you have to believe in yourself and to a lesser extent in your lineage. If you don't believe in yourself, your attainment, your message 100%, you have no business being a teacher. But there are many delusional teachers that do believe in themselves and lead many astray.

    I like J. Krishnamurti, but he left no method and at the end of his life, he said he wasted 60 years in teaching because no one got what he was trying to give. U.G., likewise, is less than helpful.

    I would recommend Shankarananda, as he is great to hang around with, but when I knew him, he was quite secretive and cliquish.

    But, the Nityananda/ Muktananda/Rudi lineage is very powerful, and Chetanananda has doubled down on making his center a reservoir of advanced Tantric teachings and he is wealthy enough to not need to exploit students. I have not had any contact withthe younger Nityananda in the last 30 years, so I don't know about him.

    So, is there anyone I have not offended?

  3. "There are two things one can do to become Self-Realized: self-inquiry in the form of open acceptance of all within you, and living close to me where you can see me on a daily basis."

    I have to take the first way as no self-realized teacher lives around my corner (and I guess many seekers in the world share the same fate). There are options e.g. Shatikpat in absentia like from Jan Esmann, but it has to resonate with you.
    And didn't Buddha say words like Be your own lamp ?

    Others are more lucky to take the second way of direct connect to a self-realized being. And I mean the daily face to face approach, not visiting satsang after satsang.

  4. There were no gurus around me either. I traveled all over to be near them, from Rochester, N.Y. to be with Phillip Kapleau, to Mt. Baldy for Sasaki Roshi, to L.A. for Soen Sa and Maezumi among others such as Tien-An, Ed Wortz, Song Ryong Hearn, Kozan Roshi, Trungpa, etc.

  5. I understand that living with a Guru is extremely challenging and that only a rare devotee can do it. My thoughts her refer to Lakshmana Swamy and Saradamma and the trials she went through up to almost suicide. Recently D. Godman told me that it appears she chases devotees away. Will you eat us up?

  6. As ed has stated this is all Hindu folklore, just as Christian fundamentalism. Different form of dogmatism.

  7. In case you don't know this video of Maharaj yet ... a newly discovered VHS tape of him of 1979.


    1. Though we'll never know if translation is accurate :)