12 July 2015

The Final Truth

One final note.  When asked whether he always lived within a state of constant bliss, or absorbed in the bliss of Turiya alone, without being aware of the world which he called unreal, Robert always responded, "No, I experience the world much as you do, otherwise I couldnot function.  The only difference is that I know that both you and Iare Consciousness."

Let me put it this way, the Jnani has experienced all states of existence clearly, waking, dream, deep sleep, and Turiya.  He is also aware of the Absolute Witness that he is by going back and forth from the Witness position, to the witnessed position.  He or she has experienced unending bliss, peace, as well as agitation, stress, and depression.  He knows all of these, feels all of these if he just looks within, he finds himself in these states.

Each state has its own "taste" so to speak, and he has experienced the taste of Turiya, the taste of the waking and sleep states, the taste of the dream state and can discern each taste within his present experience of himself and the world.  Many times these states arise and pass away as pure states, and he does not care which it is, because they are all him.  He delights in each.

It is the beginner who first experiences the bliss underlying all experiences, all states, all emotions positive and negative, that tries to or imagines that the "final state" is one of unending, "unalloyed" bliss or peace.  The mature Jnani is at home in any state, any emotion, and appears quite ordinary because he does not always have a vacant distant look, or tears of bliss rolling down his cheeks.

He has seen and felt it all and he rests as him orher self: content, happy, joyous, accepting whatever arises within or without.  He has become the most ordinary of men whose highest wisdom is expressed by such comments as "Please pass the salt," or "What is for  dinner tonight"?, or, has the peacock been fed yet?

The mature man of God finds Self and God alive in all things, all states, and accpets and enjoys all equally.

It is the beginner who is just stepping into all these extraordinary states of bliss, peace, grace, acceptance that imagines a "final state" which is ever more of the same rather than the content acceptance of the coming and going of all states, all external conditions, all emotions of the Jnani.


  1. In the past I would have felt strong resentment towards this blog post. I so wanted to experience some "final state". It seems I have become more mature lately because I actually agree with Edji here.