20 July 2015

I got a lot of comments recently about my big ego for daring to find any "mistakes" in Ramana's logic or expositions.  Strangely, they also say I do the same with Nisargadatta, which means they really  have not actually read what I wrote. Rather they "read" their instant bias against me for daring not to kiss the toes of Ramana and Nisargadatta.

Imagine what kind of comments I'd get if I criticized Jesus' or Buddha's understanding.  Oh, I forgot, I have.  But remember, both lived over 2,000 years ago, and most of what was written about them was written centuries later, with lots that has been written lost to history by one council or another. So how can anyone take what is claimed they have said, literally?

Rather than offering an attempt to explain away my observations, these critics only try to discredit the messenger, and also demonstrate their slavish adulation to their personal idealizations of dead gurus who can never disappoint them.


  1. Dear Edji,

    I came across this page. It is about Nisargadatta's comments on Ramana Maharshi recorded by David Godman. Here Maharaj does not seem to talk about the significant difference you had mentioned in their (Ramana & Nisargadatta) teachings.


    Ramana used the term "Heart" very often in his teachings and it always referred to the Absolute. The word Turiya was used only handful of times. I believe the final goal of Ramana & Nisargadatta is same. There is obvious differences in the way of Ramana's teaching. He was always from Point A to B. From Ego notion to the Absolute. He was unlike Siddharameshwar explaining the steps of body, subtle body, causal, Tuirya and Absolute.

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    Some more republican hypocrisy:




  3. Ed,
    I do not discredit you. But I discredit your teachings. It is ego darkness. You discredit Christ

    1. Dennis, why do you even log on to Edji's site? Is it because you like to complain?
      Why don't you find another venue that supports your beliefs instead of one that you totally disagree with...then you don't have to bitch and get so upset!

      Time to take a closer look at 'ego darkness'...because everything comes from within--its not outside of you.


  4. ActuallDennis, you're wrong on that. Edji has spoken faovorably about the "Christ Consciousness." Why not research this before coming up with such inaccuracies?