17 July 2015


Have you ever been close to a person when they die?  Have you ever had a cat or dog die in your arms, watching their eyes grown fixed and turn dull?  Have you felt the life force leave their bodies, grow limp, and then begin gradually to cool, and after a few hours to harden in rigor mortis?

You cry wracked by pain.  Your breath leaves and a darkness descends on you.  You know they are gone.  The lifeless body is still here in this world, but the life force has gone.  The consciousness has gone. Awareness of you has gone from them.  You can no longer feeltheir life force, their radiating presence, energy, and life.  It is all gone.

This is the best time  to realize that what YOU ARE has notning to do with the body except by association.  You loved the life in them.  You, who are the pure embodiment of life misses the life in them.

You as a personality miss their presence and their personality.  Never will there  be another exactly like them.

The lesson is you are not your body in essence, although the body was their and is your instrument of expression and learning.  You as the life force experience the world through the vehicle of your body.  So your body is very, very important, because through it you have consciousness and can feel the life force and personality in others, and they you.  Through it, you feel, see, hear and touch the world around.

The world is as real as you are, no less, not more. When you know this, you realize what is most precious is life itself, sentience, the ability to feel, love, serve, surrender, which appears for a few moments in time then is no more.  Even life itself is temporary, born from matter a half billion years ago, and destined to die as a planet when the sun swallows the earth 5 billion years from now.

A flower blooms, wilts, then dies and is no more.

Given that, your attention automatically turns inwards towards the experience of Self, that divine spark of existence in you, me, and everyone and thing else.

This is the essence of Ramana's awakening experience: he realized he was life itself, consciousness, sentience.


  1. That's a really sad comment... But in the eyes of the "material eye" it is completely correct. The body dies. Nothing left. Everything vanishes sooner or later. That's the way the "Material Brain" sees and recognizes it.

    But looking through one's "Soulmind" - trough the eyes of the Soul- is a completely different chapter..children usually are aware of the spiritual world or the perfect world just behind the material.. Grown ups have usually lost that sight and aren't really interested in regaining it..
    Very sad story, but that's the way it is right now..

  2. And so Ramanas teachings echoes through all times ... do self inquiry and look what you really are. And as Nisargadatta adds ... the discovery of That is the true purpose of your life.

  3. "This is the essence of Ramana's awakening experience: he was life itself,Consciousness, sentience.." You might add "in many many lokas (dimensions) all at the same time - a multidimensional being actually being aware of their own higher nature..

  4. Yes, very sad indeed. I feel such a strong attachment to life... there was always this apprehension beneath 'I am' that it does not last, but i refuse it, because there is too much love for beingness - my beingness is resisting this knowledge and fact of impermanence

  5. Ramana was aware of 20 multidimensional aspects of his "self" living individually on 19 higher planes including the earth plane http://oclery.blogspot.co.at/2011/03/reminiscences-of-sri-bhagavan-referring.html?m=1

    it is said that whatever sense of self we materially perceive or think or even feel is never more than 2-5% of our true "all-encompassing" nature which includes 49 higher bodies.

    It's all a matter of perception..

  6. Witnessed many deaths, no beauty in it. I think people say that just because they don't understand it and it makes them feel better. No attachment to bodily life here, welcome the final moments.