22 July 2015

Self-Realization via Advaita and Tantra

I have studied Ramana for over 40 years and Nisargadatta for 30. There are few books I can recommend about Ramana because I don't feel many really grasp Ramana. But I do recommend Michael James book available for free download from his website HERE.

Now expect to spend some time to feel this book to understanding.

Then, at the same time read Prior to Consciousness, or Consciousness and the Absolute, as well as Self-Knowledge and Self Realization by Nisargadatta Maharah available under Resources on my website at:


Now be prepared to continue study of these books for three years, gradually getting deeper and deeper, with interspersed hammer blows of awakening.  When you then dry out as a result of energetic and/or dispassionate observation and investigation, download my free book Self-Realization and Other Awakenings from my website and switch tofeeling for the I Am inside your body and your sense of presence, accepting and loving all that arises as a result of now attending to feelings, emotions, and energies.

This will bring you to Self-Realization.  Email me, ask questions.  This is the Advaita/Tantric combo that keeps your path wet and wild, while getting deeper and deeper.


  1. Hi Edji, Would you still recommend "The Path of Sri Ramana", Part One - by Sadhu Om, esp. Chap.6-7 about Self-Inquiry technique? That used to be your default recommendation, back when I came on board 500 years ago. Love, Matthew

  2. I still use the Nisargadatta Gita ... the simple pointers are very helpful, without reading
    lots ... for those who cant focus on long books ... c'est moi

  3. Yes I would Matthew. But eventually you need to shift to feeling everything in your body, sense of presence, love, energies, because while the Self is composed of intense rising light, the trigger is still the gut and heart, letting them flow. Concentration constipates the flow.

  4. Is this essentially the same as starting with the sense of the "I am" pretty much in the head and then allowing it to marinate throughout one's body so that one feels it pretty much in the heart area. I believe you had previously recommended that as well?


  5. I couldn't download. ? What is the title? The name turns up too many things.

  6. This is a direct link to Michael James book