03 July 2015

   Greece's ruling party and its Prime Minister Tsipras are right: A government must never surrender its sovereignty and the greater welfare of its people to the world banking systems or corporate creditors as Greece had done and the IMF and Merkel have demanded. They are demanding that Greece becomes a total vassal state, much like Obama and the Republicans are doing to our sovereignty and the welfare of the American people with world trade agreements, and a congress and president bought and paid for by corporations and the 1%.

   Ask Bernie. As he said, for him to win requires a political revolution. But he knows how much violence lies ahead seeing the successes of the Tea Party and the failure of the Occupy movement in comparison.

   We all thought because of race hatred, Obama had a high assassination potential, but that is no where near Bernie's assassination potential because he is confronting all of the powers that be: Wall Street; the 1%; international corporations whose lawyers designed the upcoming Pacific trade agreements; corporatist Democrats, and Good Old Boy Republicans.   

   Hilary is that ruling class's embodiment. Nothing that comes from her lips challenges corporate rule, international trade agreements, taxing the super wealthy, breaking up the to-big-to-fail banks, insurance companies, and investment firms. She represents their interests.

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  1. I agree. Bernie is great. But he probably doesn't have an iceberg's chance in hell of being the nominee. Or of being elected. Sad.