27 February 2015


Hi Edji,

Meditations (got to be another name for that) get so good I could stay there all day long. The feelings in the Hara and chest and head area are getting more identifiable and stronger.

What is Life for except this...your method of Manifesting the Self.

Deep loneliness, fears and long ago forgotten thoughts (totally forgotten) just surface but they just do not have the negative impact they used to. The days of wanting to leave the body are Gone....Now I look forward to them showing up unexpectedly and letting them overtake me then gradually leave. Leaving me more blessed than before. Never thought I'd look at them as a blessing.

I am much closer to all the cats now. and can tap into their feelings and fears. Took Orry to the Vet today for a teeth cleaning and let him know days before what was going to happen and the I would be with him and the girl technicians were very nice and loved him too. So he was all ready to go this AM and when I left him for several hours he was very calm and relaxed. Oh , just feeling the Love between him and I was overwhelming. He was so happy and secure. Almost like I am talking to myself.

A strange thing happened yesterday: we have granite counter-tops and it is like they said to me "what right do you have to destroy a beautiful mountain in South America just so you can have a special counter-top?"

Then I could see the destruction we humans foster on Nature just to pretty our abodes.

I guess we do this to animals, confining them to tiny torture pens, pretty fish taken from their havens and shipped from around the world for our pretty aquariums, birds trapped in Africa so we can lock them up in little cages, Oak and maple trees cut,split and killed just so we can have nice looking trim around our doors and windows...the kind of things that now make me sick but maybe that is a part of me also. Its here now so I have to face it.

So it is not just Orry and the cats and animals that I feel but it has to extend to all of Nature. All of living Nature. The mountains are alive, trees and plants wherever they live, the air we breathe.
I AM all of that and now feeling it.

I remember seeing a picture of an old man, a Native American and a tear is rolling ever so slowly down his cheek. I know that Man....today I know that man.

Love you , steve

I gotta say Edji you really opened it ALL up for me, and I bow to you SIR!!


  1. I hear you, Steve. I agree 100%. Right on!
    Love, Matthew

  2. Geez, Steve...it was an advertisement to stop littering! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keep_America_Beautiful