25 February 2015


I just saw  documentary called “Silenced” about three whistle blowers regarding torture that took place under bush, and the cover-ups by the NSA and other agencies to hide the truth.

It exposes the corruption that was and is the White House under both Bush and Obama.  I didn’t know that only 11 people had been charged with treason under the 1917 Espionage Act that was directed against German spies in WWI.  Of those 11, seven have been charged and prosecuted under Barack Obama.

Cheney, as Vice President orders the Justice Dept. to burn anyone who reveals the truth about what happened and then deletes a broad spectrum of documents and emails that would reveal what really happened.

This has continued under Obama, and is part and parcel of Obama’s war against journalists, federal whistle blowers, and transparency anywhere in his administration.

See it if you can on TV.  Also, I saw Citizen Four, a documentary about Edward Snowden.  It is a mirror reflection of Silenced, exposing that the Espionage Act makes no distinction between leakers and spies.  If a person reports illegal activities of the government that have been classified as secret by that same government as an act of coverup, that person can be successfully prosecuted for treason.

One of the whistle blowers followed just revealed to a congressional committee some lies the CIA had told Congress about the torture project, and he was prosecuted.  All three whistle blowers were effectively blacklisted and emotionally destroyed.

The degree of secrecy and destructive coverup and corruption now in the government mirrors the utter depravity of corporate greed, deceit, and corruption that has become America during the past century and a half.

I experienced the same sort of lies and coverup when I lived in Santa Monica from obfuscating City staffers, who, as one city employee told me, lied all the time about nearly everything. They hide from fear of retribution from a public if exposed for some of their acts.

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