23 February 2015

Right now I am the humanly happiest that I have ever been, largely due to my move to Arizona.

The area I live in has an ideal climate except for June through September.  It is very peacefulrom our patio and residents are friendly and involved in the community and with each other.

Life in a house with my cats and the magical screened in patio on a golf course provides peaceful viewing beat only by a Malibu ocean view, but without its traffic.

The cost of living is substantially lower in all categories, from rent, to gasoline, to electricity and water, and even Directv.  Food is a little lower, harcuts, handymen, auto repair are all lower than Los Angeles, so I don't have to worry so much about finances.

You don't even need a car here.  You can buy a used golf cart for $2-4,000 which serves you well for shopping and other chores, or ride a bicycle or tricycle on sidewalks and very calm streets.

Veterinarian costs are signitificantly less here and basically, my cats love the house, watching wildlife from the screened in patio, and sleeping on Kerima and me.

And, the bliss continues along with going deeper into Self not on a temporary new realization basis, but during everyday life.  As Almass might say, I am living and expressing my realization.

There is an opportunity to expand here that I found lacking in Los Angeles, where one is assaulted on all sides by traffic, noise, rules and regulations, too many people, and a much higher level of expenses.

The weather has been unbelievable.  Today it is raining a bit, but on the average it only rains 8 inches a year.  No snow.  Avergae daytime temperate this and last month has been around 69-70 degrees, with night temps dropping to the 50s.  There are clouds frequently which yield incredible sunrise vistas and sunsets.

Sedona is an hour and forty minutes away with its breat taking views and extensive wildlife, while Grand Canyon is just another 21/2 hours further North with even more breat taking views and more wildlife.

I can't tell you how much I would like other sangha members how much I would love you to move to this area and we could watch together the wildlife from our patio.


There is no limit on the number of dogs are cats you can have in your house. Because of coyotes, no one leaves their cats or dogs outside except in yards with 8 ft. walls.

Real estate is big here. There was an economic collapse and the housing market collapsed dropping housing prices up to 60%. Rents similarly low, but the market is beginning to come back.

Golf is big here. It seems like hundreds of golf courses are here and houses on the courses.
Sales tax 6% and I don't think there is a state income tax--I am not sure.

The biggest area of employment in my area o Phoenix is in the health care field, home care, and retirement services at home and in retirement communities.

The City of Phoenix lists high tech and construction as the predominant industries with highest employment.

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  1. Nice going! It was just Nirvana/Shangri-la patiently waiting for you all this time and you finally got there in this lifetime, what more could one want!